Value for the rest of my life

My time there though only for a couple of months was one I will truly value for the rest of my life. Everybody was extremely nice but also strict as to keep me doing what I was supposed to be doing. The sensei fully understood when play was needed and work was needed and perfectly balanced the two throughout classes. He understood that students had their own separate lives but also knew how much that outside life truly affected being able go to class and made sure students were accountable for their own reasons for not attending class. Furthermore the sensei truly wanted to bond and understand his students in order to help them grow as martial artists and as people. The lessons about virtues every good person should have at the end of every class really helped students such as myself set goals for the month and will be a guide for the rest of their lives. All in all the program is a really great experience whether it’s from the ciriculum to the students to the sensei, truly something I wish I could have continued. -David N. (Facebook)