About Us

Traditional martial arts teaches values such as respect, discipline, and commitment.
We balance our teachings with progressive and innovative methods while respecting tradition.
Karate helps in developing self-awareness, and to develop both physical and emotional control.
The skills and attitudes you learn will help you in all facets of life.
Learn focus, confidence, and self-control.
Learn and build positive relationships, strengthen value systems, and learn important life skills.
…and to have fun! if it’s not fun, why do it at all???  🙂


Teaching martial arts that contribute to wellness and help adopt healthy living practices.
To use martial arts to teach a leadership mentality, inside and outside the dojo.

Our Student Creed

I am confident and I possess a positive attitude.
I focus on my personal growth and physical health.
I am disciplined, and I bring out the best in myself and others.
I apply common sense before self-defense.
I always seek the good in myself and others.
Every day, in every way, I am getting better.


 What Students of One Accord Karate are saying…