How Does Running Improve Health and Mood? ⋆ The Babble Out

We all know exercise is good for us, but choosing the right exercise program can seem daunting. There’s the hassle of joining a gym, buying equipment, taking lessons, scheduling time with teammates… it can all seem very overwhelming. However, there is an easy solution. The easiest and most accessible method of exercising is running. It doesn’t require lessons, special equipment, or difficult to access locations. All you need are your legs, good running shoes, and a safe place to run. Be it at your local school track, in a park, or on the road near your home, you can start a running regimen right away. And you will quickly notice that regular running will improve your health and mood, and you will also be pleased to discover that the positive effects from running happen almost immediately.

I have been an avid runner since high school, and much of my good health and positivity over the past few decades can be attributed to running.

Many experts agree that running can do wonders to improve your health and your mood. Numerous studies have backed up the claims that running can benefit your health and well being in a number of different ways.


 Weight Loss

Of course, all exercise is important when it comes to losing weight. However, running burns off more calories per minute than any other form of exercise with the exception of cross country skiing. Also, more exercise increases your metabolism, which is totally enough of an excuse to have an extra drink or dessert once in a while.

Prevent Diseases

Regular running is proven to help reduce heart attack risks as your arteries retain elasticity and the heart is strengthened. Running also helps alleviate high blood pressure, osteoporosis, it helps reduce resistance to insulin, reduces inflammation, increased your good cholesterol, and reduces the risk of a stroke. For women, running may also decrease your risk of breast cancer.

Reducing Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, running may help. Running (and all exercise) creates new brain cells, which has a calming effect. Similar to fighting depression, increased running reduces anxiety.

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